Our Services

ASI Groups Associated Surface Innovators helps you completely automate the electro-plating process. Our specialty lies in providing you equipment and expertise that make for maximum efficiency and significant cost reduction in power consumption. Our partnership with Process Automation Limited provide us access to the very best in electro-plating technology. Our quality process ensure that our deliverable conform to our stringent standards.

Printed Circuit Boards

Associated Surface Innovators provides a range of Plating Equipment for manufacturers of PCBs.

Some processes are

  • Through Hole Metalization
  • Copper – Tin Lead Pattern Plate
  • Horizontal Panel Plate
  • Desmear / Blackoxide / Gold Plate
  • Associated Surface Innovators represents in providing vertical in line platers for PCBs

Surface Finish

Associated Surface Innovators specializes in supplying the Advanced Technology and sophisticated instrumentation for carrying out the deposition of Metals on Metals and Metals on Plastics.

Associated Surface Innovators provides full solution for the Chrome Plating of various components for the Two Wheeler Industry, which calls for stringent service conditions for corrosion resistance.


Associated Surface Innovators specializes in supplying sophisticated Process Control Equipments and processes for semi- conductor Industry.

  • Specially designed Rack Solder plating systems for semi-conductor Diodes, Lead Frames etc.
  • Specially designed Barrel Plating systems for variety of small components requiring precision plating
  • High precision Nickel and Gold Plating on lead frames with accuracy levels upto 1 micron.

Associated Surface Innovators represents in providing continuous vertical in line platers for IC chips loaded in Magazines.

Two Wheeler Industry

Associated Surface Innovators provides fully automated plating systems for plating of various accessories like:

  • Silencer Assembly (muffler and exhaust tubes)
  • Wheel Rims
  • Accessories like crash guard, brake pedals, handle bars, gear shift lever, etc.
  • Pressed components, fasteners, and other accessories.

Processes followed for the above are in line with the standards established by leading OEMs like Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, etc.

Plated components from Associated Surface Innovators plant, meet the World Standards for Corrosion Resistance and CASS requirements.

Automotive Industry – Cars and Heavy Vehicles

Associated Surface Innovators offers specially designed Plating on Plastics plant for Plastic Injection Moulded parts.