Fume Scrubbers & Cupboards

Fume Scrubbers

Associated Surface Innovators Fume Scrubber is a compact unit and has a high performance rating compared to its overall size. While designed principally to handle perchloric acid fumes, it can be adapted to suit many other fume scrubbing applications. The unit is normally supplied with a water wash supple from a packaged recirculating system located below the fume cupboard. The recycling plant, for use with the scrubber unit, consists of a recycling tank, pump assembly and linking pipework to form an enclosed system.

Effluent levels can be checked before the discharge is drained and the water in the tank can be dosed with the appropriate neutralizing agent. The unit is designed to fit directly to the flanged outlets of the Associated Surface Innovators range of aerodynamic fume cupboards, although in some circumstances, it can be fitted up to one meter above the outlet without the necessity of sprays in the duct.

The unit is molded in one piece from chemical grade glass-reinforced fire retarded plastic. It incorporates two patented filter pads in removable frames, together with a spray jet section all internally mounted. Both pads and spray bar can be viewed through a clear PVC inspection panel. A body designed hood can make the total investment in the extraction system go waste. Over the year, we have developed a complete range of suction hoods which offer maximum capture with lower suction rates and minimum obstructions in the operations such as loading and unloading and material movement.

Fume Cupboards

Fume cupboards, also known as laboratory chemical hoods, fume hoods, fume cabinets or film filtration cabinets are large pieces of scientific equipment very common in chemical, biological and medical laboratories. They are fume extraction systems designed to protect researchers in from toxic fumes. Lab hoods were invented over one hundred years to protect scientists and lab workers who needed to handle hazardous materials. Over the years, there have been many refinements to the original Victorian design, but the basic concept of laboratory hoods remains the same.

Fume hoods were originally made from wood, but now epoxy coated mild steel is the favored main construction material. Providing the ultimate in containment performance, the design and testing of our fume cupboards is constantly challenged to assess face velocity including inner, outer plane and robustness. Containment test results across our range are second to none, with extensive research and continual development having resulted in geometric changes to traditional designs to improve containment to the highest level.